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SEN Report

SEN Report
Special Educational Needs Information Report
When the Children and Families Bill becomes enacted in 2014 local
authorities and schools will be required to publish and keep under
review information about services they expect to be available for
children and young people with special educational needs aged 0-25.
The intention of the local offer is to improve choice and transparency for
families. It will also be an important resource for professionals in
understanding the range of services and provision in the local area.
A further key role for the local offer will be to inform the joint
commissioning for children and young people with special educational
needs and disabilities by setting out in a single place what is available
locally. (This means parents, school, and any other services involved,
agreeing to the planned support used to help the young person in a
The local authority must work together with children and young people,
parent carers and with local services, including the voluntary and
community sector, to develop their offer and keep it under review. This
is co-production.
The Local Offer must include information about the provision the local
authority expects to be available in its own area for children and young
people with special educational needs and outside of its area for the
children and young people for whom it is responsible, regardless of
whether or not they have Education, Health and Care Plans.

What the Local Offer will cover.
The Local Offer will cover:

education, health and care provision for children and young people
with SEN (which should include information about its quality and the
destinations/outcomes achieved by those who use it);
arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people
with SEN, including arrangements for requesting an EHC needs
other education provision (outside of schools or colleges such as
sports or arts provision);
training provision, including apprenticeships;
arrangements for travel to and from schools, post 16 institutions and
early years providers;
support to help children and young people in moving
between phases of education and to prepare for adulthood; 

How will school staff support my child?
If there is a need to provide your child with extra support in class the
Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo) will firstly inform you of any
concerns and ask if you have seen any of the same examples at home.
In consultation with you, the school will make their recommendations of
key work and support that will help your child in class. You will be
informed of how often this support will take place and with whom.
The Teacher and Teaching Assistant will run a specially designated
programme with identified targets for an agreed length of time and
during this time their progress in tracked and monitored carefully.
The role of the SENCo is to ensure that children with identified needs
are helped and supported during the school day by deploying
specifically trained staff to help your child. The aim of the SENCo is to
ensure that your child is making good progress with the support
provided by the class teacher and the Teaching Assistant.

How will the curriculum be matched to my
child’s needs?
Every lesson that is delivered at Barrow School is differentiated for the
class. This means that the teaching and learning is adjusted to suit the
needs and abilities of three principle groups; at age expectation, above
age expectation and below age expectation.
When lessons are segmented in this manner, your child will be able to
access the learning at their own level. They will be able to engage in
their own learning and ensure that the pace and outcomes are matched
to their needs. This enables your child to feel confident with their own
learning and not comparing themselves to others.
On some occasions there will be streamed lessons whereby the children
are groups across 2 classes according to their needs and they then are
able to access leaning appropriate to their needs

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?
For all of the children at Barrow School we have the daily opportunity to
meet with the Teacher for a quick catch-up informal chats. We also offer
parents evening meetings with all of the parents in the Autumn Term. In
the Spring and Summer terms we write progress reports for parents to
inform you of your child’s progress. After these reports have been
issued there is the opportunity to discuss the report with the Class
If your child has been identified as having a Special need and they have
additional support for their work in school, there will be individually
arrange meetings to discuss your child’s progress at the completion of
any specifically targeted work.
Your child’s attainment in class and in specially taught sessions are
tracked by the lead adult. The session summary notes are reviewed by
the class teacher as well as the SENCo throughout the half term.
Your child will have targets set in September and worked towards
achieving by July. Through the year, usually at the end of each half term
their work will be assessed against their targets and their progress will
be tracked and monitored. Every child will have a different target
depending upon their needs and progress from the year before.
If your child has a need that requires regular informal chats, we have a
home school journal that both Teachers and parents can communicate
to each other with.
If your child needs additional lesson planning arrangements you will be
made aware of this in a private meeting between the teacher and
yourself. All of the class targets agreed will be discussed. In this
meeting ways in which you are able to support your child at home can
be talked through. Your opinion is crucial to our understanding of your
child and we are keen to work in unison with you.
At Barrow School we offer parent training/ workshop opportunities into;- Calculation strategies- Introduction into phonics
We are able to direct parent towards;- Triple P parenting classes- Children of Divorced and Separated Parent – Charity

What support will there be for my child’s
overall well being?
We consider every child’s emotional well being when in the school
setting. We are aware that for some especially the very young and those
with a Special Need, separation for their family for the duration of the
school day is sometimes very difficult. We aim to settle your child in
school by ensuring there is a regular predictable routine in place.
There are opportunities for children that do not have an educational
need to have additional learning opportunities to prepare them for social
situations. We have held nurture style groups to ensure the children can
practice asking for help or approaching others to play. These groups
enable your child to practise expressing themselves to make
themselves and their feeling understood.
At Barrow School we try to ensure that every child’s needs are met. If
your child has high anxiety, hyper vigilance, PTSD, or any other
condition that can result in unpredictable behaviour, we will try to ensure
their needs are catered for to minimise incidents of unacceptable
– We have a clam down beach hut for children to have ‘time out’- We have emotion fans for children to express themselves
In the case that there is unacceptable behaviour we will refer to and
follow our behaviour policy.

What specialist services and expertise are
available at or accessed by the school?
At Barrow School we have the ability to access the external services of:

County Inclusive Resource (CIR) for children with a diagnosis of
Speech and Language for children with a speech impediment,
delay or verbal processing difficulty.
Hearing Impaired Unit
Social Care Team  

We are able to implement within school:

 Gym Trail
Phonic streaming across EY & KS1
Nurture style groups using the Time to Talk & Socially Speaking
Circle of Friends (for isolated pupils)
5 Minute Maths
Accelleread / Accellerwrite
Accelerated Reader
Parent Support Adviser 

What training are the staff supporting
children with SEND had or are having?
At school we are always interested in seeking out and attending the
latest courses on how to best provide for children with specific learning
needs and disabilities. If there is a specific course that will help inform
teachers or TAs for a specific child, then we will ensure that they attend
the training courses.
At Barrow we maintain a regular cycle of essential training for all
members of staff. For example all members of staff are regularly trained
in Safeguarding procedures. All members of staff have attended the
County Inclusion Resource Introduction to Autism Training.
We aim to make sure all teaching staff are trained in School Safe deescalation techniques. We aim to train TAs into becoming specialist in
particular fields relating to their own interests.
Our TAs are specifically trained to become resident experts in:
– Family Support- Anger Management- Intervention Tracking- Peer Group Bonding

How will my child be included in activities
outside the classroom including school
At Barrow School we make every effort to ensure all the children are
able to take part in activities inside and outside of school. We call this:
reasonable adjustments. This means what can we alter or put into place
to enable every child to be able to participate and succeed.
In some cases it is appropriate to;- deploy additional adult supervision- rearrange the tables is the classroom setting- enlarge print for ease of reading- enable the child to record on a desk top computer
We want each child to explore the wide variety of experiences we
organise at Barrow School and with open discussion between school
and parents we will be able to make special arrangements to enable all
children to take part.