Our Curriculum Intent at Barrow

In September 2019, we introduced an innovative new curriculum to enhance our provision and develop the knowledge and understanding of our pupils. We have developed our curriculum over the last year to ensure that we continue to meet, and indeed, exceed the requirements of the national curriculum. As we look forward to our expansion to a full primary, we are now prepared to provide our pupils with a knowledge-rich education from EYFS to Year 6 to ensure their future success as they move from Barrow into KS3 at Year 7.

What is the ‘Curriculum’?

The term curriculum refers to WHAT is being taught in school. Simply put, this includes our subject content and lessons, along with any other enrichment activities we provide. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to ensure the children at Barrow receive integrated, coherent learning experiences that contribute towards their personal and academic learning and development, both now and in the future. The purpose of our recent important curriculum development work has been to ensure that our.content choices, coverage, sequencing and progression supports these core aims.

How is Our Curriculum Organised?

The curriculum in each year group at Barrow will continue to be taught through six exciting half termly topics. However, we will be introducing a brand new range of topics which are fresh, fun and inspiring with titles such as ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’, ‘Playlist’ and ‘Stargazers’. These topics link together different subject areas into cohesive learning journeys which provide challenge and depth within and across year groups.

We have also selected six ‘drivers’ to clearly describe WHY we are learning what we are learning and WHEN we have chosen to teach it throughout the year. Each half term there will be a focus on one driver e.g. ‘ADVENTURE’ which will be used as a theme to connect the different projects being explored across the different classes. This will be woven together with the Christian Value for the half term to show how our body, mind and spirit need to be strengthened and focused for ongoing success.

I have attached our new ‘Curriculum Intent Statement’ which gives you a summary of our curriculum intentions, approaches and further insight into how our work is broadly organised. I have also provided a detailed overview of our new Drivers and supporting Values, including information about how this approach will support work on attitudes and behaviour.

How does this enhance our Church School Christian Ethos?

In designing our curriculum, we have been inspired by Jesus’ words in John 10 about ‘living life to the full’ in the day to day school learning environment, and in a successful life beyond. The Drives and Values will provide a framework around which all our Collective Worship sessions will be planned. The children will become familiar with Bible characters who have faced challenges and show positive traits of character, and learn Bible verses which are encouraging and motivating. Visitors such as our Open the Book team will work with us to promote the Driver and Value. The decisions the children make about which charities to support and community outreach projects to run also link to them.

Further Information

A wealth of further information is available on the school website, including curriculum intent  statements for each subject taught, an overview of topics throughout the year and details of year group  specific objectives. If you have any questions, however, or would like more clarification on how our curriculum is designed or the implementation of our new approaches, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team – we would be very happy to hear from you!