The objectives will help to meet the three arms of the general duties required in the Equality Act 2010:

•    Eliminate unlawful discrimination

•    Advance equality of opportunity

•    Foster good relations

Barrow CEVC Primary School has considered how well we currently achieve these aims with regard to the eight protected equality groups: race/disability/sex/gender reassignment/age/pregnancy and maternity/religion and belief and sexual orientation. In compiling this equality information we have:- Identified evidence already in the setting of equality within policies and practice and identified gaps. - Examined how our setting engages with the protected groups, identifying where practice could be improved.

Objective Actions By who? Timescale How will we measure our success?
Celebrate the protected characteristics in a half-termly cycle (last Bible assembly of the half term) Draw up a year-long plan
Link with Rachel Bacon for ‘fearfully and wonderfully made day’ planning ideas 
VB Half termly
End of year review of children’s understanding of protected characteristic using pupil voice – July 2024
Staff meeting input on protected characteristics VB to meet with JW and find slots for input.

VB to research resources.  
JW Termly Staff questionnaire around the protected characteristics – July 2024
Continue to consider equality objectives in recruitment of staff HA and Governing body.  HA Ongoing Comparison of recruitment data from July 2023 to July 2024