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June 2022

Leavers Assembly Letter Class arrangements for academic year 2022-23 Transition day arrangements 2022

May 2022

Menu Spring - Summer-2022 Wisdom and Possibility - Home Learning 442 May Half Term Information for parents pick up - drop off timings Pick up - drop off timings from June 2022 Platinum Jubilee - Menu Year 2 Free School Meals Poster Universal free school meals - update Google classroom - guidance Year 6 Leavers hoodies 2022 Whitsun -Holiday Club Flyers

April 2022

TF Music School Music Tuition for KS1 – Summer Term Music Tuition for KS2 – Summer Term School Clubs for Summer Term

March 2022

FoBS Cress Head Competition FoBS Easter Bake Off 6 Apr 22 442 Easter Holiday Camps Parent Consultation Meetings April 2022 Library Trip Letter Parent Guide School Cloud Year 4 Staffing Changes - April 2022 Sponsored Read Letter April 22 comic-relief-poster menu 28-2-22

February 2022

Information for parents covid update 7th feb 2022-4

January 2022

Autumn Term Interim Reports Information for parents covid update 24th Jan 2022 NSPCC Number Day NSPCC Number Poster

September 2021

Welcome back letter to parents Sept 2021 Pick-up - drop off timings 2nd September 2021 Contract tracing arrangements Sept 2021 Open Classrooms Autumn Term 2021 Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra Assembly Flyer 17th Sept 2021 High Middle and Upper Letter to parents re: How and when to apply 01/09/2021 Transfer to High Middle Upper for out County pupils 01/09/2021 S AndrewsOpen Evening Invite 2021 Premier Sports Barrow Primary Autumn-1 Volunteer Readers Poster Home Learning Important Information Curriculum Update September 2021 Contract Tracing Arrangements Sept 21 Norwich City FC Canary Kickers Community Sessions Norwich City FC Mini-kickers community sessions Norwich City FC Soccer skills centre community sessions Premier Sports Barrow Primary Autumn-1 Fluenz cover letter all areas Fluenz Consent 2021 Reading Workshop 29 Sept 2021  Great fire of London October 2021