Welcome to the Reception page!

Reception pupils are taught by Miss Fairwether and Mrs Woodland. Miss Fairweather teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Woodland teaches on Thursday and Friday. 

We are very fortunate to have Miss A Al-Aride, Miss Y Grovesmith and Mrs J Smith who work with us throughout the week.

We have Forest Activities every Friday afternoon and PE every Wednesday afternoon.

PE kit and water bottles need to be in school every day! 

Now the festival season is upon us, Early Years will be performing songs and music on our outdoor stage!

Look at our new herb garden!

Long Term Plan

School Readiness

Here are some games parents can do to help their child learn their tricky words at home

  • Draw words into or with children’s fun bath foam or with bath crayons.
  • Use bath tub letters.
  • Use magnetic letters to make the word, muddle up the letters so that your child can unscramble it.
  • Use Scrabble letters.
  • Cut letters out of the newspaper then sort and stick them down to spell the words.
  • Use various objects to spell out the word e.g. dried beans, pasta or lentils.
  • Write the words lots of times using various types of pens, pencils, crayons and colours. Take turns to write the word on each other’s backs. Can they guess which tricky word it is?
  • Make pairs of word cards and play a matching game – turn the cards over and muddle them up, flip over 2 cards, if they match keep them, if not turn them over again but try to remember where they are.
  • Write the word with some letters missing and ask your child to complete the word with the correct letters.