Safety PIE at Barrow Primary School

At Barrow, our children are taught about keeping themselves safe in and around the school. Through a series of PSHE sessions, posters around school, playground quizzes and pupil ‘pingback’, the children are able to learn about and identify with our ‘Safety PIE’.

P is for personal safety

Children at our school understand that they can be responsible for their own safety in school. This can mean anything from not running in the corridor to using equipment sensibly in the classroom.

I can help others to stay safe in school

Role plays, quizzes, photo scenarios and warning posters are just some of the ways that children learn to recognise hazards around school. These might include physical hazards like a coat in the middle of a corridor floor or even something potentially more serious like an adult visitor that the children don’t recognise. All the children are taught about the staff ID badges and the different types of visitor badge. They understand the procedures should they see an adult without any such badge and they are very good at reminding staff to wear theirs!


Meet Hector the helpful dolphin.

Through a series of animations and activities, Hector and his friends teach our children how to be safe online. Pupils learn the protocols for safe use of school computers/devices and have a clear reporting procedure should they ever come across something online that they are not sure of. Hector appears around the school and on all of our school laptops as a constant reminder of the importance of E-safety.