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Sponsored Read During Library Launch Week

To celebrate and encourage reading for pleasure both at home and school, we have been running a sponsored read during our ‘Library Launch Week’. All the money raised will go towards brand new books for our new school library. A sponsorship form and reading log for your child was given out before half term. The reading activity can be recorded
however you wish: your child could be sponsored for the amount of pages, chapters, books or time (in minutes) they read. For example, this could be 2p for every page or 50p for every half an hour – it’s completely up to you!

We would be delighted if you could help us to enhance our reading resources for pupils by taking part and spending a mall amount of time each day reading with your child. Remember, it’s not just books that you can enjoy together: comics, magazines, recipes, menus, your favourite websites – anything with words that you can read together counts towards your total!

After the sponsored read, please send all the sponsorship money that your child has raised to the school by Monday,
21st June. Thank you for your support.