Modern Foreign Languages

Our vision for learning French at Barrow is to provide a high-quality and engaging curriculum for all children in Key Stage 2, enabling them to learn to communicate effectively in another language as well as understanding people from another culture.

Through subject specific learning blocks, allocated at regular intervals, we will enable our pupils in Key Stage 2 to:

• Cover all the requirements of the National Curriculum for MFL;
• Gain confidence and enjoyment in their ability to communicate their ideas and thoughts effectively in another language leading on to further study at Key Stage 3;
• Develop an awareness of their place in the global community;
• Begin to understand how communication can create communities which are wider than geographical boundaries;
• Value contributions of different peoples and cultures.

In addition to explicit French teaching in Key Stage 2, all children in Early Years and Key Stage1 will also encounter French and other languages through activities such as responding to the register in another language, reading books in French, learning French terminology for key routines and singing French songs. We are also introducing German for the last half-term in year 6 and plan to have a Japanese language day in the summer term.

Through a wide variety of high quality, culture rich texts, our school seeks to encourage understanding and tolerance between people of all cultures and languages and all children are encouraged to share their knowledge of languages and cultural events, spoken and celebrated at home.

The Subject Leader for Languages maintains an action plan to monitor the intent, implementation and impact of French provision at Barrow, as well as celebrating and encouraging contributions from world cultures to the whole school.