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Staff List

Staff List

Below is a Staff List of Barrow CEVC Primary School. Our quality Primary School staff have an enormously positive impact on the learning and progress of our pupils.

Leadership Team

Helen Ashe – Headteacher
Nadine Fairweather – Deputy Headteacher (Mon-Weds)
Lucy Smith – Deputy Headteacher (Weds-Fri)
Joanne Woodland – Assistant Head and SENCO
Victoria Bush – Church Schools Leader

Class Teachers

Nadine Fairweather – Reception Class Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)
Lucy Smith – Reception Class Teacher (Thursday & Friday)
Karen Pearce – Year 1 Class Teacher (Monday & Tuesday)
Joanne Woodland – Year 1 Class Teacher (Wednesday-Friday)
Stephanie Clarke – Year 1 Class (Trainee)
Hayley Dean – Year 2 Class Teacher
Julia Rance – Year 2 Class Teacher (Thursday & Friday)
Tom Hale – Year 3 Class Teacher
Nick Keefe – Year 4 Class Teacher
Victoria Bush – Class Teacher (Beliefs and Values Specialist)

Dawn Marshall – Inclusion Lead

Teaching Assistants

Natalie Shaves – Reception Class TA
Sharon Pells – Reception Class TA
Maria Johnson – Year 1 Class TA
Laura Corsi – Year 2 Class TA
Rachel Warford – Year 3 Class TA
Alli Kybird – Year 4 Class TA

Support Staff

Anne Martin – Bursar
Louise Cooper – Office Administrator
Helen Ferguson – Office Administrator
Mark Grovesmith – Premises Manager

Lunchtime Staff

Charlotte Higgins – Cook in Charge
Phillippa Macmillan – Kitchen Assistant
Tiera Thomas – Kitchen Assistant
Alma Wright – MDSA
Caroline Pugh – MDSA
Amanda Wright – MDSA
Alison Nowers – MDSA
Karen Tregus – MDSA
Gemma Burton – MDSA
Laura Man – MDSA

Barrow Extra Staff

Donna Jones – Co-ordinator
Laura Man – MDS/Barrow Extra
Alison Nowers – MDS/Barrow Extra