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Our Curriculum at Barrow

At Barrow Primary School, we believe in a personalised approach to teaching and learning. We believe in giving our children the opportunity to develop their full potential as confident, resilient, reciprocal, resourceful and reflective learners. We aspire to create optimum conditions for all children to be able to fulfil their full potential.


We are committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that not only ensures that all children are literate and numerate, achieving high standards in basic skills, but that also embeds these into a cross-curricular approach, where transferable skills are used in relevant and meaningful ways. To achieve this, some parts of the curriculum are taught explicitly and discretely to be used later through short or longer term topic work structured in a variety of ways. We encourage children to be effective learners; to take responsibility for their own learning, to be involved as far as possible in reviewing the way they learn, and to reflect on how they learn – what helps them learn and what makes it difficult for them to learn.


Learning is a life-long activity, but we don’t all know how to do this. Teaching the skills of thinking and learning is an essential element of our teaching. At Barrow, our staff ensure a rigorous approach to creating the learning journeys for students through personalised high challenge, skilled and probing questioning, simple, clear explanations and modelling and inspiring moments created with a passion for learning. We promote a ‘growth mindset’ in order to foster a positive attitude to learning. This is achieved by embedding a ‘can do’ attitude into the teaching and learning in our school. Opportunities are taken by all teachers to reinforce the mantra that we aim high and that failure and mistakes are positive experiences in the learning process.