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Harvest Festival Fortnight

The children will be taking part in lots of seasonal activities over the two weeks, exploring the value of GENEROSITY.

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Harvest Festival Fortnight at Barrow CEVC Primary School 2018

Monday 17th – Friday 28th September

The children will be taking part in lots of seasonal activities over the two weeks, exploring the value of GENEROSITY.


Home Learning family Challenge

How many of the challenges on the sheet attached can your family complete together? Let us know how you get on! We would love to see pictures or writing about it.

Dates for your diary;

Every day : Food collection in aid of West Suffolk Vineyard Church Storehouse Foodbank.

Each class will aim to collect food to make up bags to feed a family for a week.

  • Tinned food – meat, vegetables, potatoes, desserts, soup, fish                       Tea bags in foil packs & small packets of sugar
  • Cereal packets that can be divided, eg Weetabix or variety packs                 Dried food – rice, pasta, dried packet meals, packet soups, pot noodles
  • Biscuits, crisps                              Food in jars – pasta sauces                                UHT milk

Friday 21st at 9:45am

at All Saints Church, Barrow – Harvest Festival Service.

Please join us for a Harvest celebration!

Friday 28th September

Great Barrow Bake Off and Governors Tea

Entries to be brought to hall first thing in the morning, to be judged during the day.

The categories will be A HARVEST LOAF, CUPCAKES and FAMILY SIZED CELEBRATION CAKE. Winners in each category will receive great prizes!

Entries will be sold in a cake sale after school to raise money for a charity of the children’s choice.

Join the governors from 2:30pm in the hall.


Generosity Experiences Matrix

Ideas taken from ‘40 acts’ website

Circles ; draw circles showing all the different people in your life e.g. family, sports club, school. Use this as a starter to help think of who you could be generous to. No Scrubs; Find a chore you can do to help e.g. load the dishwasher, lay the table, sweep the drive.

Why not go on a class litter pick?

Roots; Make a local connection. Visit a local shop and find out the name of the owner. Find a local voluntary group and see what they do for the local community.
999 Emergency, contact the local food bank to see what they are short of today. Have a snap collection to meet this need. Cupboard love; host a tabletop sale after school to sell toys, books, cakes etc. Vote as a class on where you want the money to go. All ears; make an effort to talk to someone you haven’t for a while. Perhaps phone an elderly relative or write a letter to an old friend.
Dirty Cash; Think about how you spend your money. Could you spare some change for a class giving jar. Vote on how you want the money to be used. Dial Up; Use the Newsround newsfeed as a way to pray for issues around the world. Spur On; Use a pile of post-its. Can the children use lots of the up writing one line encouragements to others in school and at home?
Public broadcast; Using chalk, walk around school or in the town and write words on the pavement to encourage others or point out lovely things about the area. Chocolate Day; Hand out a bar of chocolate / wrapped treat to every child in the class. Task them to give it to someone else in another class/ local community/ at home. Ask them to report back on how the person responded. Second Fiddle; Try putting someone else first today. Hold the door open, let someone go before you, help some friends compromise to get on better.
Adopt; Organise an event with another generation – this might be hosting a play session with a toddler group, or inviting the local OAPs for tea. Fair enough; Find out about fairtrade. Create an assembly/ poster to present to other classes. Taste some fairtrade products. Daily grind; Think about the people who serve you in your everyday routine. Can you leave a treat for the postman/ the bus driver/ the dinner ladies/the school cleaners?
Essentials; make some care packages for the homeless in your local area. These need a tootbrush, toothpaste, plasters, socks, long life milk, small packs of long-life food and treats. Write a note of encouragement to go in too. Bake-Off; have a cake sale in aid of a charity of your choice, or bake for a free tea party for mums/ OAPs. Hats Off;  Give a compliment to someone who needs one today.
Washday; Find something to wash – windows, the doorstep, the teachers cars, the washing up. Include; Invite someone round for a playdate, or invite them to play with you at break time. Make sure they feel special and included. Beeline; Learn how to say hello in a range of languages including sign language so that you are ready to welcome anyone who joins the school.