Inspire, Create, Discover, Together

INSPIRE learners, CREATE opportunities and DISCOVER the world TOGETHER.


With high expectations and Christian values at the heart of our ethos, we INSPIRE and value individual, independent learning so that everyone in school is able to be the best that they can be.  Placing children at the centre of everything we do, we CREATE a strong, life-long learning community of staff and children in our warm and welcoming rural environment.  A rich and vibrant curriculum ensures that children DISCOVER and develop skills and understanding across a stimulating range of subjects.   Our inclusive school community celebrates diversity and works TOGETHER with families and the wider community to prepare our children to be positive and active members of society.

In our vibrant learning environment, our dedicated, motivated and nurturing staff INSPIRE the children to become life-long learners and confident, happy individuals.

We CREATE opportunities and experiences within our safe environment for children to develop their awareness, skills and talents thereby enabling them to discover their unique place in the world.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we encourage the children to DISCOVER and develop their strengths and challenge themselves to achieve their full potential.

Learning, playing and growing TOGETHER, we ensure that the children develop friendships, compassion and understand the importance of respect, tolerance and good behaviour in the school, home and wider community.

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Barrow Bulletin Autumn 1 2018

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Parent Update 2

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